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Scam Alert!!!!

March 17, 2014

Scam Alerts for Tallapoosa River Electric Customers


Tallapoosa River Electric wants its customers (both residential and business) to be ON THE ALERT against SCAM ARTISTS.


We are currently aware of two different types of scams that recently occurred in our service area.  This scam has been directed at Tallapoosa River Electric, Alabama Power and Opelika Power Services customers.

*A man shows up in a white bucket truck with no logo and says that he will cut your power off if you don’t pay your power bill to him immediately.


*Customer receives call from someone claiming to be with the power company stating that their power will be cut off in few minutes unless they go get a “pre-paid” credit card in the amount of the money owed and then call back to an 800 number and give them the number of the pre-paid card.


Tallapoosa River Electric does not conduct business in this manner!

            *TREC does not call customers and instruct them to get a pre-paid card!

            *All TREC’s employees in the field will be in a distinctly marked company vehicle!



  1.  Take down the “instructions” they give you
  2.  Take down the 800 number given to you
  3.  Try to get a name of “who” had called you
  4.  CALL TREC  at 334-864-9331 or 800-332-8732 and talk to a customer service representative


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